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Silicone coasters designed in your own image

Custom the shape, the colour, the logoand the design of your coasters.

Planche Coasters planche silicone coaste

Our coasters are made of food grade silicone, washable, antibacterial, reusable and recyclable.

Round, square, hexagonal, with rounded corners, we engrave the silicone according to your vector design or logo, and dyed in the mass with Pantone inks.

Our standard size is 9cm diameter, 2mm thick ....
These "silicone coasters" are perfect communication supports, they avoid the waste of paper, help to reinforce the image of your brand to customers and consumers.

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Silicone Coaster by Royal River Group
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Planche Coasters bleus sous verre silico

Where do silicone coasters come from?

From tablecloth, to silicone coasters.

To dress and protect furniture

Tablecloths were used to completely cover the table to protect and decorate it. Then table set were developed over the years, used as an ornamental trivet and to protect the tablecloth itself.

In the middle of the 19th century, the placemat developed thanks to the invention of the hook. They are used to protect dining tables, but also for other furniture such as the seats and their armrests to prevent stains.

From placemats, to coasters

Today and since the end of the 19th century in Germany, cardboard coasters that protect tables from the condensation water that forms on the glasses (especially for draft beer) and also serve as an advertising medium. In Bavaria it is even used to protect its glass from flowers or insects in the spring by putting it on top of the glass and in other areas it means that the glass is not abandoned.
In 1892, it appeared in France, and a patent for "sponge saucer" was filed in Paris.


the coaster becomes reusable and washable.

No more cardboard coasters!

A small revolution for professionals.

Ideal for luxury professionals, the customizable food-grade silicone coaster is a real advantage for your bar, restaurant, hotel, or club. Customizable, reusable, and anti-bacterial, they will therefore allow you to offer you a communication medium, reduce your waste and take care of your customers.

From cardboard to silicone, it means choosing a more sustainable approach. Reduce waste, reuse rather than throw away and refine the atmosphere of your place.

The silicone coaster to dress and protect

We offer a wide choice of customization for a result that reflects your image. You decide the size, shape, thickness, and also the colors of your silicone coasters. Possibility of producing the coasters double sided or one side only and in small series or large series.

Machine washable with steam for optimal cleaning.
We use a medical silicone for its bacteriostatic (bacteria do not grow on the surface) and non-stick properties.

Our Silicone Coaster products

We started with silicone coasters and today we are designing new silicone products to complete our range.

Come and discover the Silicone spirits markers, our stemmed glass markers and the Silicone Bill Pocket, our note pockets.

Contact us

Do not hesitate to contact us.

We are at your disposal to study your request and advise you in this design.


Deadline 3 weeks after BAT.

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